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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Medicinal Marijuana Movement has Room to Grow

The Medicinal Marijuana Movement has Room to Grow. Medicinal Marijuana is a growth industry. Note the double entendre. It is true that the Medicinal Marijuana Movement has provided a legal means to a cash crop with growth derivatives that is accessible to the private sector. It is stable, the demand is high and the market still functions according to the ethical rhetoric of Adam Smith, the man whose words we hear so often spewed by the Global Capitalists that refuse to acknowledge that the law of supply and demand is perpetually rendered utterly false by speculation lending and its hypertrophic markets. On the other end of the equation over regulation is strangulation to private industry. Marijuana can be grown literally anywhere by anyone with a bit of a green thumb and a relatively small investment. Our founding fathers where big proponents so lets reflect upon their vision and promote it. GO MMJ USA. tZeduk Productions

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