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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Oldest Marijuana Stash Ever Discovered

The oldest marijuana stash in the world was discovered in a Chinese tomb. 2 Pounds of dried marijuana was found packed in to a large bowl. 

When discovered, the bowl was still carefully placed next to the body of a 45 year old, blue eyed Shaman. A Blue Eyed Shaman in the Gobi Desert who died 2,700 years ago had his bowl of weed and a few other objects, like a harp, ready to use in the afterlife... I too would like to make sure I have some weed when I first get to heaven. After awhile you'll meetup with old or new friends who will have their own hooks and what not, but I'd like to have a big ass, 2 pound bowl of cannabis waiting for me after passing. I need to smoke after a plane trip, I'll definitely need a smoke after I die.

At first the researchers thought the bowl of herb was Coriander. But the herb tested true for THC and the Blue Eyed, 2,700 year old Shaman was looking pretty cool, even though he was dead as fuck.

It took 10 months to get the discovery to London where they could properly analyze the pot... oh yeah, and all the other stuff too... Carbon Dating and Genetic Tests were performed and documented. The 2 pound bowl of marijuana was all bud, no stem, not much anyway, all psychoactive is the point. This is pointed out for anyone who would like to say he was probably only using the marijuana to make clothes and shit. 


  1. Wow can believe they found Marijuana that old. Maybe they can dig around Perris CA and find a Shaman from out there. LOL Great post keep it up!


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