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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Urgent Call to Legalize Cannabis in Washington State

The pressure to legalize cannabis and change the political landscape across the nation has fallen squarely on us here in Washington State in 2011. With that pressure, we refuse to accept failure and are inclined to do what is necessary in order to ensure that the devastating effects of prohibition are put to an end. In our second year as an entirely volunteer-driven, non-profit and indisputably grassroots campaign, we have entered a phase in which we need funding to make our way through the corporate-driven maze that our initiative process has become. With proper funding, we can assure we make the ballot this November, where all polls have shown the sensible voters of Washington State will vote to put an end to prohibition – a failed policy that among being a civil rights disaster has resulted in us putting the state’s largest cash crop underground, refusing to legitimize an industry that would generate thousands of jobs and billions of dollars throughout the state and the nation.

This week, we’re putting out an urgent call to all organizations and individuals who believe in this cause; that cannabis should be a legal substance. It’s both a medicine and a safe recreational choice that, despite years of propaganda, has no lethal dose. For those who understand the necessity of legalization, we call upon you to donate whatever you can to get Initiative 1149 – which ends criminal and civil penalties for adults – on the November ballot. We have a strong, dedicated and extremely proud group of volunteers that have put us in a position to win, but with your help we can augment our gatherers with paid professionals, assuring cannabis legalization in Washington has a better chance of becoming reality. Initiative 1149 offers up an opportunity unlike any other we’ve seen in recent years, a chance for true reform, and this is our chance to make a difference. However we need the help of everyone. The importance of achieving legalization in even one state and what that means for future attempts cannot be overstated.

With this call, we are holding a Sensible Washington Money Bomb starting on Wednesday June 8th and running through Wednesday, June 15th, with the help and sponsorship of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Cannabis Culture, Seattle Hempfest, Tacoma Hempfest, Toke of the Town, and the Cannabis Freedom March. We can’t afford to wait another year and let this issue remain dormant as the federal government continues to wage war on non-violent citizens. We must take action. We strongly appreciate anything and everything you can do to help, and you can donate to us directly on our website.

This is the year that real reform can happen, but only if that reform is given a chance to work. Please help our cause. A win in Washington State is a win for anyone who believes in a future where cannabis prohibition is nothing but a distant memory.

Thank you,
Sensible Washington
- Article originally from Sensible Washington Blog.


  1. Legalize it like wine
    make it so it's not a crime
    to use a little to unwind
    for patients with glacoma who are going blind
    or for someone with a crack in their spine
    stop wasting all this time
    trying to make it hard to find
    cause we can all just grow it on a vine
    oh legalize it like wine legalize it like wine
    no more killing for a dime
    no more bad boys on channel nine
    no more underground mine
    crossing our borderline
    just listen to my ryhme
    get the president to sign
    to legalize it like wine
    and everything will be fine

  2. More and more states are legalizing! Which honestly makes sense. There's way worse (legal!) drugs out there than marijuana! Many prescription drugs that thousands of people get regularly are way worse. Besides addiction they can cause significant body damage if too much is taken..

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  4. That's a really great initiative you have taken by blogging such a post. I personally feel marijuana should be legalized like alcohol as marijuana has some medical benefits but alcohol is certified to be an harmful substance as far as human health is concerned.

  5. They should just pull the trigger and we can all buy a vivape.

  6. Just for medical purposes, I agree. Even so, there are a lot of people abusing and buying marijuana for personal use.

  7. Using benefical things in wrog way is also harmful. Marijuana's proper use is very necessary for the society. A doctor by the name of Rod Moser, PA, PhD has posted a piece on WebMD about the legitimacy of medical marijuana. His conclusion? Medical marijuana is "beneficial" but widely abused, both by patients and doctors.

  8. Such an interesting story to read and I enjoyed reading it as well. Keep up the good work.

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  10. So is this actually going to happen? I think we need to create a divide between medical marijuana and legalizing marijuana. In reality, it should be generally available and legal.

  11. Wish you good luck that this actually comes through!

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